Anant Ambani

Anant Ambani On Saturday, the Ambani family posed for some gorgeous family photos as Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani’s pre-wedding festivities continued. Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani posed for exquisite images with their youngest son Anant Ambani and his girlfriend Radhika as they welcomed guests.

Except for Anant Ambani, the family looked elegant in cream and ivory clothing. Anant Ambani was spotted wearing a coral kurta. Rihanna wows Indian crowd with stunning performance, pays homage to culture by performing barefoot Rihanna, the queen of R&B and pop, rocked Jamnagar on March 1 with her stunning performance.

The Barbadian singer left the audience breathless as she took the stage by storm, belting out her back-to-back hits. Despite not performing live for seven years, the singer stunned everyone with her aura.

Anant Ambani


However, viewers were shocked to notice her dancing barefoot Dressed in a flowing fluorescent green bodycon ensemble accentuated with a shimmering gown, Rihanna graced the stage barefoot. Her attire blended seamlessly with the opulent setting filled with around 1200 guests, perfectly synchronized with her backup dancers.

As per an eyewitness who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, “Rihanna performed for about 40 minutes at the pre-wedding. She was happy to be back performing with a smile. She had her own energy and aura onstage. While singing ‘Diamonds’ she had fireworks in the background, which was the cherry on top.”

On being asked why the Wild Things singer opted to perform barefoot, the source added, “She performed barefoot, which was an homage to the Indian culture. She didn’t have any wardrobe changes but added a pink cap at the end of her performance.”

What makes Rihanna’s India performance so special?

Rihanna’s respect for Indian values and cultures was evident throughout her performance, leaving the entire Western crowd shocked by her comeback and delivering a Super Bowl halftime-worthy performance in India. There were many notable aspects of her show, which also marked her first performance in the country. Additionally, she opted for more covered attire, whether during her live stage performance or her airport appearances.

Rihanna’s performance, including fan favorites like “We Found Love” and  Better Have My Money,” was simply outstanding. She arrived earlier in the week, bringing crates containing her belongings and staging equipment. The artist reportedly charged over $6 million for the appearance!

During her performance, Rihanna mixed aspects of her fast-paced Super Bowl routine with dance techniques she learnt from choreographer Parris Goebel. Work, Wild Thoughts, Birthday Cake, Pour It Up, and Pose were performed in the same order as in February of last year. Following the closing song, the Ambani family joined her on stage for a lovely hug and picture. For more updates click.

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