Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev founder of Isha Foundation’s went through emergency brain surgery at Delhi hospital after suffering massive swelling and bleeding in the brain.

The spiritual guru is currently recovering from the surgery and is showing “steady progress” with consistent improvement in his vital parameters, according to a senior doctor at the Apollo Hospitals.

Soon after the news became viral, several celebrities and other VIP personalities posted on social media wishing Sadhguru a fast recovery.In a video released on his social media account, Jaggi Vasudev could be seen explaining his health condition in a partially conscious state.

“The Apollo Hospitals’ neurosurgeons cut through my skull to try and find something but found nothing — empty. So they gave up and patched it up. Here I am in Delhi with a patched-up skull but a damaged brain,”Jaggi Vasudev can be heard saying in the video. For more trending news click..



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