Classical Singer USTAD RASHID KHAN Passes Away at the age of 55


Renowned classical singer USTAD RASHID KHAN, undergoing treatment for prostate cancer at a Kolkata-based hospital, passed away this afternoon, as confirmed by officials. At the age of 55, the maestro, a member of the Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana and the great-grandson of gharana founder Inayat Hussain Khan, is survived by his wife, two sons, and a daughter. Despite the hospital’s best efforts, USTAD RASHID KHAN succumbed to his illness at approximately 3:45 pm.

Several prominent singers, including Rekha Bhardwaj and Sonu Nigam, have conveyed their sorrow over Khan’s passing on Instagram.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee expressed deep sorrow at the news, stating, “This is a great loss for the entire country and the entire music fraternity. I am in a lot of pain as I still can’t believe that Rashid Khan is no more.” She visited the hospital and stood beside the family members of the late singer.

Banerjee announced that USTAD RASHID KHAN would be accorded a gun salute and state honors before his last rites, scheduled for Wednesday. His body will be placed in a mortuary today, and on Wednesday, it will be taken to Rabindra Sadan, where admirers can pay their last respects.

The musician was on ventilation support. His health condition deteriorated following a cerebral attack last month.


Ustad Rashid Khan, born on July 1, 1966, in Badayun, Uttar Pradesh, India, is a distinguished classical vocalist renowned for his exceptional mastery of the Hindustani classical music tradition. What sets Ustad Rashid Khan apart is not only his prodigious talent but also his unique journey that weaves together tradition and innovation in the rich tapestry of Indian classical music.

From a young age, Rashid Khan exhibited an innate affinity for music. Born into a family deeply rooted in the musical heritage of India, he inherited his musical legacy from his grandfather, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, a legendary figure in the world of classical music. However, Rashid Khan did not rest on the laurels of his lineage; instead, he embarked on a relentless pursuit of excellence in his craft.

USTAD RASHID KHAN  early training began under the watchful guidance of his maternal uncle, Ustad Nissar Hussain Khan, and his illustrious maternal grandfather, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. Rashid Khan’s journey took a unique turn when he decided to break away from convention and explore uncharted territories in classical music. He fearlessly experimented with different ragas, infusing them with his own interpretations while staying true to the essence of the classical form.

Ustad Rashid Khan’s vocal prowess, characterized by his mellifluous voice and intricate melodic variations, garnered widespread acclaim. His performances are not just recitals but mesmerizing journeys that transport listeners to the depths of emotional expression. Beyond the classical realm, he has collaborated with artists from diverse genres, pushing the boundaries of traditional Indian music and fostering a cross-cultural dialogue.

Awards and accolades have showered upon Ustad Rashid Khan, recognizing his significant contributions to the world of music. His rendition of the khayal style, coupled with his ability to seamlessly blend tradition with innovation, has earned him a special place in the hearts of connoisseurs and music lovers alike.

Ustad Rashid Khan’s legacy extends beyond the stage. He is not just a maestro; he is a torchbearer of a musical lineage, a guardian of tradition, and a visionary who has left an indelible mark on the landscape of Indian classical music. His biography is not just a narrative of personal achievements but a chronicle of a musical odyssey that continues to resonate across generations, enriching the cultural tapestry of India and beyond.


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