Bill Murray

This past weekend, Bill Murray graced the red carpet in support of the wildly popular nostalgia film Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire. Since Jason Reitman, the son of longtime collaborator Ivan Reitman, co-wrote the picture, conversation on the red carpet unavoidably drifted to Reitman’s most recent directing endeavor, SNL 1975, a biopic about the debut episode of Murray’s former TV haunt, Saturday Night Live.


In a brief interview with ET, Bill Murray laughed as he mentioned that Reitman, with whom he has spent the most of his life, has been “picking his brain” about the history of Saturday Night Live since he was a small child. (Asserting that Reitman is also aware of what Bill Murray knows about those bygone days).

He expressed a certain amount of satisfaction that the film, which centers on the show’s premiere night, places him out of the spotlight and merely mentions him by name because he didn’t join the cast until early in 1977, when he was brought on as Chevy Chase’s successor.

Bill Murray, Kenan Thompson, Bill Hader

That didn’t stop Rachel Smith of ET from asking Bill Murray who should play him if he made a cameo in the film, to which he replied in a handsome way: Kenan Thompson, perhaps? Or Bill Hader. Or Kristen Wiig, or Amy Poehler. You’d be forgiven for thinking Murray was just listing favorite cast members from the show’s long history, or just fucking with Smith. But honestly, we can kind of see it: All four named performers have a twin gift for going deadpan or manic as the sketch demands, and all four exhibit a total commitment to the bit that’s very Murray-esque. Who knows? Maybe Reitman’s Sony movie will be a hit, and he’ll get a greenlight for SNL 1976, and Murray’s recommendations can actually come to fruition. For more trending news click...

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