Tom Cruise Banned From Owning a Bugatti Fans Got Shocked

Tom Cruise Banned From Owning a Bugatti

Tom Cruise Banned From Owning a Bugatti, Tom Cruise’s car collection reflects his superstardom, Multiple range of vehicles, from classic automobiles to high-speed motorcycles and even fighter jets.

As the star of Mission: Impossible, Cruise not only performs daring stunts but also holds multiple pilot licenses, often executing his own thrilling aerial manoeuvres.

His willingness to tackle such stunts, including piloting aircraft, has played a significant role in expanding his massive fan base. Being such a huge automobile fan, it is strange to know that Tom Cruise Banned From Owning a Bugatti. The reason might make us surprise.

Reason for Tom Cruise Banned From Owning a Bugatti

Bugatti is among the most popular supercar makers on the planet. Even the top stars across the globe from various backgrounds don’t often choose for its cars due to their prices and excess performance.

Hence, these cars are unofficially only for the driving enthusiasts. Back in 2005, Tom Cruise purchased the ostentatious and fire-breathing monster, the Bugatti Veyron. It was among the most expensive and fastest production cars at the time. Arriving at a red carpet event in his supercar, he was accompanied by his ex-wife, Katie Holmes.

Upon arrival, he emerged from the car and greeted the thousands in attendance, along with hundreds of media personnel. Demonstrating his gentlemanly demeanour, he approached the passenger side to open the door for his ex-wife. Unfortunately, the door appeared to be stuck for some unknown reason, causing a visible struggle as he attempted to open it. For more updates click

Despite multiple attempts to pull the handle, the door remained stubbornly closed. It’s entirely possible that the door had been locked from the inside all along. Regardless, the French luxury car brand deemed the incident a PR disaster for Bugatti. Consequently, they reportedly Tom Cruise Banned From Owning a Bugatti for the remainder of his life. For more updates click

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